Our Senior Barbers

Our senior barbers represent the pinnacle of expertise, boasting unparalleled experience and qualifications drawn from various corners of the globe. Each of our barbers possesses a wealth of skill meticulously honed to cater to diverse hair types, offering impeccable shaving and beard trimming services. Their mastery is a testament to years of dedication and refinement, ensuring every client receives top-notch care and precision.

Our Graduate Barbers

Our graduate barbers stand on the threshold of excellence, poised to ascend to the esteemed ranks of our senior team. Having completed their formal training at the prestigious Amsterdam Barberschool, they embark on their final phase of development under our tutelage. With at least a year spent as junior apprentices in our establishment, they’ve absorbed invaluable real-world experience from our senior mentors. Continuously refining their craft through weekly training sessions, they deliver exceptional cuts and meticulous beard trims and shaves at accessible rates of €35 and €30, respectively.